Shameful Islam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mongols

China, & Others.

Mongolia and Islamic Countries

1. Stay away from any of the Mongolian or Indonesia, or Vietnam populace areas because of the horrible way they torture animals and livestock.

2. Stay away from any Islamic controlled areas, Middle East, Indonesia, etc. The list would be too long to list all the reasons.
The biggest two face haters of Americans are the Saudis - trust me.
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Islam is the most hateful, repressive and shameful of all cults of thw whole word. It is not even a true religion. In a true religion, a person has a choice. Muslims will kill you whether you join the Islamic cult or not. Honor killing of women and children is allowed under the Islamic Cult. Hands cut off, eyes blinded, feet cut off, ears and more is permitted under Islam, the most shameful cult of the world.

Muslims believe in a warrior, that murdered thousands, including women and children, and stole from his captors. And then, get this, his followers claim that he flew up into heaven on a flying horse and met God and the other prophets. Others Muslim sects claim that he died in battle, and every year they reenact the scene. It's much like Christmas for them, they bring their children to see their savior butchering his enemies and then claiming that he spoke to God. People, the mud head warrior couldn't even read or write. You would think that Allah would have fixed that for him or handed him an I-pod as proof. Mohammed didn't even know when he was going to die, Jesus knew when he was to die.Women throughout the Islamic societies are being murdered just for talking to a man. It's called honor killing. But the man can screw goats, and little boys at will. Islam is the most shameful society of the whole world. The majority of Muslims make a living by stealing, drug dealing murder and everything that is ugly in the world. It's one of the main reasons they don't allow dogs in their homes. Dogs at airports can smell the drugs and explosives, which just about all Muslims deal in some way or another. The most wonderful pet that god gave to man,dogs save lives, finds the lost or dead, sniffs out cancer, provides psychological relief, protect your property, and so much more, and then is the asshole Islamic religion which bans the animal as filthy. Filthy - is a Muslim mother that wears a bag over her head everyday, she must smells like a goat, you big stupid idiots that believe in a butcher and a thief for you prophet. And accounding to your stinking Quran, Mohammad the pig fucker was murdered by a Jewish woman, she poisoned him. Read Presidential Treason of three stooges for the truth.

The proof that Muslims are troublemakers is that around the world security is tight, because of only one religion/cult, and that cult is Islam. You shameful people can not even name another religion that is a worldly problem like your own garbage cult. These sand monkeys can't even stand each other. The Middle East and anywhere Muslims live there are people killing each other. More people live in poverty because of Islam than in any other religion in the whole world. That's because the evil bastard Mullahs and leaders don't follow the true cult ways, not that any of the Quran is good. But even if they did, it's still an evil society. Basically, the majority of Muslim leaders are crooks, pedophiles and lairs. Jesus never had to murder anyone to make that person believe in anything. Muslims murder and intimidate everyday. There is not a single Muslim in the world that has not beaten his wife and children for one reason or another, - not one. And you numb nuts that always bring up the witch burning, the Crusaders, the evil Popes and such, just goes to show how ignorant you fuck heads are. You must be a rag headed Muslim. Those evil people that twisted Christianity were not Jesus, they were people behaving badly in Jesus name. They were, how you say; behaving like a Muslim. On the other hand; everything about Islam is evil and comes with an ugly history as written in your own Quran. Which is why Muslims are prevented from speaking about it or speaking about the flying warrior prophet. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and others are finally waking up to the evils of its government. A government based on the evils of Islam. Hopefully, the evil Saudi will be next to fall. Muslims can't even enjoy art, now tell me that ain't the devil speaking? No art, no dogs, no laughing, no dancing, no, no ,no, that's Islam. Muslims are the only people in the world that do not contribute anything to benefit mankind. I dare anyone to name one of their benefits to the world. In America and throughout Europe and Canada the majority of Muslims are on some form of welfare. They use everything non-Muslims invented and provided, from medicines to war machines. Muslims can't even make a basic bullet. And to continue dressing daily in pajamas shows how backwards thinking they are. That turban is so yesterday, my great grand parents were Roman and German.

My past is Roman and German, but I'm not dressed in a toga or a Nazi uniform. I'll have to think about that one. No one has the right to force anyone to believe in a flying warrior that killed people, and no one has the right to force a woman to wear a bag over her head, it's all shameful repression. No other religion in the world murders nonconformist followers like Islam does. Without the oil, which the West showed them how to extract and use, Muslims would be no where in today's world. Go ahead Muslims; tell us what you produce besides hate and the killing of innocent people? You even store weapons in your holy shit hole Mosques. By the way; that beard you people sport, only looks like I'm talking to a dog's ass. It is so yesterday. And those schools of suicide bombers you the Saudi are funding is most shameful and evil. You deliberately prey on the hungry children and make them into zombies of death. What the Saudi are doing is working for the Devil, you sick Saudi bastards. Now the Taliban are kidnapping children for suicide missions, is this what you call your wonderful Islam?

Ladies, never marry a Muslims. Your crazy if you do, he'll only run to his own country and you'll never see your children again. And this is after he has beaten you like a monkey on a leash in training. Yes, Muslins train animals by beating them until they learn, it's the same techniques they use on their children. Very evil people the Muslims. True God worshipers do not have to beat children, women or animals. You Muslims worship the Devil. Your whole society is ugly, repressive and so stupid.

Muslim breed like animals with no concept of how the child will be fed the next day or get an education, which is why all of Europe and the Americas are being flooded by these Muslim rats. Even in the free world of America Muslims continue to murder their wives and daughter and justifying it as honor killings. Sick, sick bastards and the whole cult of Islam.

This just in the CNN News, May 14, 2011; they showed a map of the world where corruption is the worst in the world, and all of it was in every stinking Muslim run country. Dahh, like the rest of us didn't already know this. It's no wonder that no one wants to invest in anything that smells of stinking camel smelling Muslims. Bin Ladin the Devil worshiper was hidden by the Paks, yes, the people and their leadership were sucking his dick. Shame on the Muslim world again. If you feel offended take a look in the mirror. Offended is the mass graves of innocent people killed like the asshole Saddam did by murdering thousands and gassing them, Gadaffi, and the Saudi Family, not to forget the Iranian leadership. You sick people worships such leaders as if he were some prophet. Hell is waiting for you evil Muslims. You think sand is hot - just wait for the reaper. And CNN news just reported that your prophet Bin Ladin was watching porno just before he was killed. You people stink like your goats. There is not an honest one amongest you. You breed like rats and expect the rest of the world to feed your sorry asses. There is no family planning under Islam, just like a rat. Who cares if there is no food tomorrow or a safe place to live, or maybe an education for the child, just breed like a rat that is how Islam works.

No other prophet did miracles like Jesus, or raised the dead. The rest of you phony prophets were a bunch of idiots that pretended to talk to God. Jesus said to be aware of False prophets, like the butcher, and thief, Mohammed - perhaps?

And for the evil Saudi to say that they did not know that the moneys that they were providing the terrorist was not going to be used to murder innocent people, you have to be brain dead, you stinking Saudi Royalist. Shame on you Saudi for abusing the hired help as your own personal whores. Shame on you Saudi for taking advantage of little children in 3rd world countries. And shame on you Arabs for using little children as camel jockeys to win camel races. Allah has a sword for your heads, it's coming. December 2012 an earthquake will demolish the City of Mecca and the Devil will claim his Muslim victims. You'll see.

If you do not believe anything I say; Read Islam by Karen Armstrong, a Catholic Nun. In the book she tells how Mohammed borrowed most of his Quran stuff from the Jewish and Christian religions and then added some of his own stuff about how Muslims should get along. She mentions how his many wives fought over the gold that he stole from his captives and no doubt that is where all of the wives came from. Islam allows all the extra wives, because they get them from the men they just murdered for being nonbelievers. Let's fuck like goats - lots of women to go around. Honor? What honor is there in believing in Islam? Yeah, sure, Mohammed brought some peace to his followers, after all, many of the Arabs back then worshipped idols or some animal. And all of them were constantly fighting eachother. At the time around 600 AD The Jews and the Christians behaved like they were the chosen ones. The Arabs felt left out of the single God thing. So Mohammed felt that he needed to do something to unite his people, and so he started his own Arab religion, now called Islam. If Allah had truly spoken to the so called prophet, do you really believe it would have taken 21 days or years for the man to come up with the Quran? Wouldn't Allah have given him the book in diamonds as proof or told him about the riches across the great ocean or...just handed him the book? There is so much proof that Mohammed did not ever speak to God that it would fill up the Internet. He did not even discribe the other prophets he claimed to have met up in the clouds. Yeah, he was so touched by God that someone killed him in battle.

It took the butcher 21 days or years to dictate his book, because the ass hole talked to his Christian and Jewish captives for advice - you idiots. Which explains why his Quran is very similar in many ways to the Bible and the Tora. By the way, the original Islam mentions only 3 times a day prayer, 5 times is your asshole Mullahs. Which proves the prophet never wrote anything. The more you prey the less you ask or question about the truth. Praying everyday is for religious monks and priest, which is fine if you're into that, same goes for the bag over the head for women looking like nuns. God created all that is beautiful in the world including women. It's the Devil that wants men to cover them up for only one person to see. You sick evil Muslim men, you are a disgrace of all that God has created and you will pay dearly. As a matter of fact, many Muslims are paying the price today, which is why there is so much poverty and killing going on in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim countries.

When Muslims murder the innocent, they feel saintified, much like a convict feels when he murder's a child molester in prison - there I did a good thing for you. God will love me now. The attack on gay people is one of those attack areas, which shows just how idiotic Muslims are or better yet, it shows how retarded they are as compared to the free world that understands this and what can cause it. Gays is not a choice, its like the hermaphrodites, with both form of genitals. In the majority of gay, the difference is so small sometimes that you can not see it. Much of it happens to a baby when a mother is under stress from all sorts of things from war to chemicals around her and even from being forced to believe in an evil cult like Islam. It could also occur from bad eating habits while she's pregnant. Radiation, pollution's, people stress and so on can cause this to happen. The Ugandan idiot government is a prime example of Negroes demonstrating how dumb they are by showing the people, movies of gays smearing shit on eachother. That shit smearing Mr. Negro retard is also done by black people on their wives and girlfriends, it's not just a gay thing, just like the voodoo you idiots Negroes practice torturing a helpless creature so you can talk to the Devil for a favor. Vodoo is proof that Negroes are less intelligent people, dare I say, close to a monkey. There are many more kind and gentle Gays than Negroes or goat screwing Muslims around the world. Proof is in the violence in all of our major cities, not only in the US, but all over the world Negroes cause all sorts of trouble. Gay men supply the whole world with all sorts of beautiful things to live by. You Negroes and Muslim men should look in a Mirror, because you people behave like a typical prisoner beating up on another loser so you can look good. So you think. Sick Muslims and Negroes goes hand-in-hand.

Another fine book to read about how Muslim think is by Brigitte Gabriel, "They Must Be Stopped." Read it, it tells just how evil every stinking Muslim is, thinks, and has a urge to kill. The Most disgusting and shameful of all religions in the whole world is Islam, only an American Negro and a few White Trash are foolish enough to believe the lies in that toilet paper Muslim call the Quran.

In the Netherlands they finally passed a law mandating that Muslims must stun livestock before killing them to reduce their suffering. Muslim slaughter houses are the dirtiest an most evil of all in the world, next to African Negroes. This is more proof that Islam is evil even to helpless animals. The Rino horn of the Saudi is proof that Saudi men should shove that horn up their stinking asses just like they do when they travel to 3rd world countries to have sex with little boys. Saudi Arabia is the most evil of all Islamic countries.

Only the followers of the Quran beg the followers of the Bible for everything, from food, medicine and technology. Muslims contribute only death and more babies, born like rats. Pakistan stays afloat because of Billions it receives from the USA as does every stinking Muslim lead country including Saudi Arabia. The Saudi can't even pay for their own oil protection, how shameful of the President of America to keep bending over to them.

Even the 10 commandment does not list punishment to those that do not follow any of the 10 rules. But on the other hand; Islam will poke out your eyes, cut off your hands or your feet, stone you to death, cut off your head, meter out hundreds of lashes and just about anything you can think of that is sadistic and evil to make you conform. Shameful of people that believe in Evil Islam.

Christian make saints out of individuals that have done very good deed for humanity. Islam on the other hand; makes martyr's out of suicide killers, people like Bin Ladin, and anyone that kills another person in the name of the ass hole that started Islam.

And I don't hate all Muslims, I hate that stupid religion you people bend over for, the evil religion of repression. I grew up with Muslims, read my book. Mother also raised a little Muslim girl, like she was my sister. So - screw you. I know all about repression and Islam's evil ways. I know that there are many misguided Muslim people that have no intentions of harming anyone. But, when you exist in a world void of education or other truths, how can I blame you? I blame the evil Mullahs and the countries leaders for keeping the lie about Islam alive. People want freedom, not some asshole preaching repression and ignorance. The most beautiful thing God has created is women, and asshole men place a bag over their beauty just for one person to admire. That is not what God had intended, that behavior is pure selfish evil. Women around the world that are not repressed by the evils of Islam have shown that they can far exceed the abilities of any man. Which just goes to show that Islam is so yesterday, shameful and a disgrace to all humanity. Only dumb Black Americans fall for it, that's how stupid Islam is. Wake up Arabs and Negroes.

There is not a single Muslim that can say anything nice about Islam. The world facts and daily news speak for themselves, like blacks and South American Latinos in our inner cities that cause them to become havens of gangs, drugs, prostitution and everything that is backwards intelligent. Only retarded white trash women marry less intelligent black men with no thought for what the child wants. There is not a single mixed race child that wants any black in his genes, this was proven in a school questionaire, CNN news. I'm sure President Obama didn't want any either. Just my opinions.

For Washington to Consider

I want the United States Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States to clear up once and for all what is considered a legitimate religion. If Islam is allowed to preach hate, honor killings and kill nonbelievers, then organizations such as the KKK, the Nazi party and or Skinheads can and should form their own religion, free to spew whatever hatred they want. I do not believe that
our forefathers, when they wrote the constitution, had any intentions of including freedom of religion to mean freedom to kill nonbelievers. Wake up Senators, Congressmen and Supreme Court Judges. Beating citizens to believe in something they do not want to believe in is not a religion. It is a cult. You hear what I'm saying; you bunch of racist Saudi Arabians? Funny to read
the news about Muslims blowing themselves up. The best part is reading just how sacred your Mosques are. Wow, what a cool cult - keep blowing yourselves up. Steal, lie, murder, mutilate, poverty - what a wonderful cult to belong to - losers.

Death and more death, don't you people ever stop killing? And as expected - only some black Americans seem to convert to Islam.
I wonder why - dahh? It's a guy thing, so that they can secretly claim more than one wife. You black people aren't fooling no one. And by the way, Islam is an Arab thing and they do not like Negroes. I know; I lived with Arabs for 12 years. Jesus saved lives. Mohammed cut throats. There is no such thing as the last Prophet. Throughout history there have been over 200,000 prophets. Lovely to see Islamic apes beating themselves and scaring the head to bleed and for what - a butcher? So your head bleeders look like a penis that just had sex with some woman during her period - laughable cult clowns parading.

If Mohammed went to heaven and returned, how come Allah forgot to tell him that the earth was round. Why didn't he know
about America, or that there were better lands up north? Why didn't Allah give him the Koran or Quran in diamonds? And why
didn't Allah fix Mohammed inability to read or write? Why didn't Mohammed describe the other prophets that he claimed to have seen, Did he have tea with them? Did any of them still go hunting or fishing or do they just read, drink allot and jump on virgins? The people want to know...

And who do you believe Allah wants in his kingdom; a man with a basket of decapitated heads or a man who never killed anyone, like the honest person Jesus was?
Asses!!! WAKE UP!

Also any one in Washington DC that does not do something about the evil lawyers that get away with lawsuits without the other person being able to counter suit when the other loses is an evil person and should be voted out. Stop the madness now. This country is being run by lawsuits, you fucking idiots, wake up.

Vote against the evil President Obama for kissing up to the terrorist Muslims, like the Saudi. President Obama is the most shameful 1/2 Negro ever to exist in the Free world of the United States. Islam is pure evil Mr. President; why else do you think they are suffering over there for? This is what happens when America allows a 1/2 Negro to become President.

Recently in the news some military men in Afganistan accidently burned some quran books along with some trash. From that thousand of Muslims revolted killing some of our innocent troops. Really? What about when Muslims burn up a whole school with girls inside reading the Quran or when Muslims blow up a Mosque full or whorshippers? I guess it's OK for Muslims to burn the Quran but no one else can. See - Muslims are shit heads in everything they do and say.

Join the fight against the evils of Islam before it's too late.

Avoid attending any school or college with Muslim professors because you never know when they will blow them selves up
or start shooting.

In the military, know who the Muslims are and never turn your back on them.

Do whatever you can to prevent Mosques from being erected in your nieghborhood where
bomb making material can be stored.