Pictures from the Lueder Family, the one military family that stayed the longest in Casablanca, Morocco,
11.5 years (we left April 1962). More pictures to comes as they become available,
also we are very sorry for many other friends we met and do not have a photo. Contact
us if you would like your Morocco photos posted. Does anyone know where I can find Jimmy Falconer?

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Nouasseur Air Base

Nouasseur Air Base  Frank Spade

Nelson & Nellie Holland, Ted Lueder, Florenda Lively
at Bullo Lake

Velleda Lueder, Nelson & Nellie Holland
at Bullo Lake

Casablanca Lueders

Sadia (house maid), Frank Spade, Julia Lueder
Lolita (dog) at base housing.

Robert, Luciano, Velleda, Larry, and Julia Lueder
at Madam Vallea's house, Polo, with Gela (dog).


Nouasseur Air Base

Nellie Holland and Velleda Lueder at Bullo Lake
Robert Lueder, Jim & Stanley Holland fishing.

Larry Lueder, Linda Lively, Julia & Robert Lueder
Billy Lively (front) at Lively's home Christmas.

Nouasseur Air Base

Nouasseur Air Base

Linda Lively with Julia Lueder
at the Lively's home during Christmas

Julia Lueder with Gela (dog)
at base housing

Casablanca Ted Lueder

Casablanca Sadia

Theodore Lueder and son, Robert at Bullo Lake
an abandoned Army Base

Julia Lueder with girlfriend Cesil (back), Luciano & Robert Lueder,
Sadia (house maid), Larry Lueder (front)

Casablanca Vallea


Madam Vallea (Landlord) & Velleda Lueder
Shopping downtown Casablanca

Velleda Lueder at home in Polo, this is the house we had a burglar
break-in. Gela (dog) chased him out. He was later caught. This same dog
was kiccked to death by another Arab gardener, we hired. Shame on the Muslims and Islam - so evil.

Julia Lueder

A 1950s American Childhood in Morocco

Julia Lueder
April 27, 1946 - April 24, 1962

My 1st Book is available from Trafford Publisher
sometime in Feb. 2006. It's abt. 600 pages w/photos
A 1950s American Childhood in Morocco
Julia Lueder
Julia dressed Egypian for Halloween at the
Officers Club.

Note: All photos are low resolution for quicker loading. Let me know if you’re interested
in higher resolution views. Thanks for viewing
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Some interesting facts: You might be asking why we have little photos of the base housing. Well, within the 11 plus years mother had us move to 5 different homes around Casablanca, maybe six homes and twice on the base. Each time the homes got bigger and better. At Bullo Lake once, when we all left to go home there was a huge python snake crossing the road leading out of the old Army base. We rolled up the windows and dad ran over it. No one knew back then that this was not the thing to do for such a rare and beautiful animal. It must have been at least a foot in diameter and lay completely across the road. If you look at the lake photos it is easy to see this thing could have easy taken one of us kids and even given an adult a hard time. It was also funny to see the wild grouse and guineas running in front of our car as we left the park late in the evening. This is the lake Bill lively and his friend was in the local papers for having caught some 300+ bass from the lake in one night. This lake had so many fish there was no problem seeing them as we rafted over it through its crystal clear waters. Bill Lively for those who knew him used to raise rabbits in his back yard for food. It was always great to stop by their house for Christmas just to see his tree setup and train set running around it. Back then any toy motorized was really neat. And how many people remember the funny money they had us use on the base. I loved all those beautiful colors it had. They had us turn them in just before the base was closing. Movies were 15 cents & 25 cents for adults; popcorn was 10 cents for a huge white bag. Robert and I were able to get in free for a while for delivering movie schedules. I used to run from the base housing across open fields, the golf course, an Arab graveyard, some abandoned barracks to get to the ECO pool and then a movie. I did this run almost daily approx. 2 miles one way, not bad for a kid. Sometimes I would go farther to the officer’s pool, but that was a boring place because there was never anyone there even though it was bigger, cleaner and much better. Also along that run I don't see on the map were watchtowers. Robert and I climbed one of them to the top even after they had the top set of steps removed to keep people out (very dangerous so high up). We shimmied up the handrails. Once inside the top section, Bob did something really stupid. He climbed out one of the windows and on to the rooftop just so he could touch the searchlight. More later in my book coming out this year...

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