Lawrence A. Lueder

Morocco Childhood

A 1950's American Childhood in Morocco
Dec. 2005
Available from Trafford Publishing and Amazon.
No, that is not Mom, that was one of our first maids/Fatima.

Sunaru Front Cover  Sunaru Back Cover
Front and Back Cover
Available from Outskirt Publishing or any of the book stores such as Amazon
This is great reading about how we might reach distant galaxies/planets using asteroids.

Mom's Chicken House      NAVSSES Book


Mom's Chicken House and NAVSSES
There is also NAVSEA published 4 years after NAVSSES

NAVSSES is available from Amazon, over 450 copies sold in the 1st two months.

Read more about NAVSSES here.

The Criminal by Robert Lueder

The Criminal as told by Robert Lueder
There are VI parts to his story.

NAVSEA Waste and Abuses

NAVSEA, Carderock and NAVSSES
This is another version of NAVSSES which includes the other Navy departments.
Read about how the Navy uses fake engineers, wastes taxpayer moneys and commits abuses.
The Navy is endangering the sailors lives. Shortly after this book went out the NAVY reorganized
the staff at the directors office in NAVSSES. It's a phony way the NAVY hides the fact
that they just fired the director by demoting her and her assistant as mentioned in the book. The
Navy was promoting secretaries as engineering just to fill for lack of women in the work force. The book
is filled with stories of high paying official stealing by forging overtime, taking paid vacations while
pretending to be at the work site. Even after this book was published a Black engineering woman
from NAVSSES, the MACHALT section, traveled to Japan to be on a work site was caught site seeing
hundreds of miles from where she was suppose to be.

The only negative feedback were from those people mentioned in the book. Read also how I long
predicted there would be trouble coming from the Muslims hired to work for the NAVY, such as
happened at Fort Hood. Everyday a Muslim is working for the military is another day innocent lives
are at risk of death by some nut job cult follower.

Sunaru book Sci-fi

Sunaru Infinite Planet
This is a rewrite with more information traveling to a distant planet in the raw.

Presidential Treason Book

Presidential Treason of Three Stooges
Read how our presidents assisted Islamic terrorist around the world while lining thier pockets.

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