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Cool Battery Patent
My Really Cool Battery Patent
Click on the image to see more
Cool Chessboards
Check Out My Neat Chessboard Patent
Click on the image to see more
This is my Jellyfish Fiberoptics System
Click on the image.
My earphone radio/phone. It transmits through your jawbones.
Adjust the settings for mental stimulus or massage, others might
see this as a vibrating sex toy, oh well. More proof that I thought
of it first.
Training Wheels for Weedwackerer
Mouse Tick Control
Drape cords treated with tick & flea repellent oils.
Seeds & nuts placed on tray attacks the rodents
Larger traps for larger animals like squirrels, raccoons, e


Two great ideas. A scissors lift surrounding the cage or built
on top of for landscaping. The brake bumper prevents accidents
from backing up when the view is compromised.


Navy Ships with Removable Side Tanks
Carries fuel, supplies & more self propelled. No more rotting tanks & slow fueling systems. Tanks can be air dropped, transported by fueling ships and left.
During an attack, the fuel tanks can be jettisoned to reduce fires. They can be fill with all sorts of liquids, and even ammunitions. the tanks clamp on to the side
of a ships hull. Its is much more efficient than the old fashion High Lining for fueling a ship, which is dangerous.

Range Hood
Easy Clean Range Hood
Install a typical wall outlet & cut the hood to suit (cover plate size.)
Add a short lamp cord to the hood electrical system and your done.
The Side Molding holds it up. No regular top Mounting screws used.
When it need cleaning, just slide it out & unplug.
Nissan Type Window Lift Repair
Click on image to see the animation

Home Repairs
My old home remodeled with bow windows on
the front and both sides and there is much more.
See what you can do? Click on the picture link.

How to repair a cut cable
Basically wrap it with stiff flexible split hose
and seal w/silicone. Electrical tape alone sucks.
My visegrip upgrade idea. Note the jaw size
opening on the lower jaw or upper handle.


This is the next generation braking system for bikers.


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