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Training Wheels for Weedwacker

Mouse Tick Control
Drape cords treated with tick & flea repellent oils.
Seeds & nuts placed on tray attacks the rodents
Larger traps for larger animals like squirrels, raccoons, e
Range Hood
Easy Clean Range Hood
Install a typical wall outlet & cut the hood to suit (cover plate size.)
Add a short lamp cord to the hood electrical system and your done.
The Side Molding holds it up. No regular top Mounting screws used.
When it need cleaning, just slide it out & unplug.

Nissan Type Window Lift Repair
Click on image to see the animation
Home Repairs
My old home remodeled with bow windows on
the front and both sides and there is much more.
See what you can do? Click on the picture link.
How to repair a cut cable
Basically wrap it with stiff flexible split hose
and seal w/silicone. Electrical tape alone sucks.


Squirrel Excluder Bird Feeder

Since this design, I've made one change. Instead of the black plastic pipe, which works, I use a 5 gallon paint bucket. I drill out a 2 " hole in the bottom, centered. Installed over the pole inverted and held up in place using a hose clamp or whatever works for you, including drilling a horizontal hole for a long nail to fit through. The inverted bucket rocks back and forth whenever a squirrel attempts to climb on it. The only problem I had with the plastic pipe was that if it got dirty or had any scratches on it, it allowed the squirrels to hold on and move up.

Modified Air Pump

My dual power supply air pump, you can use either the
cigarette lighter or the battery clamps. Cigarette lighter
fuses often burn out when such air pumps are used. With
this system, you can use it anywhere. And for the safety
asshole, the clamps are insulated (meaning, you are less
likely to short out anything & besides: cars use plastics

Air Pump Phonies

Here, I'm showing 2 different air pump models. One clams to be of much higher pressure, but as you
can clearly see, they are both identical, except that one has a pressure gage attached. By the way:
I never had one with a good working gage, and often the switch goes bad on these pumps. So jumper
the switch when it goes and don't buy the expensive model. Also, open up the casing and spray a
lubricant on it once in a while.

mailbox snow proof

Mailbox snow proof.

Here is one method to protect your mailbox from snow plowing trucks. When the snow hits it the box it flips over.
Just about any kind of hinge should work, including a piece of leather tacked down. Should you find that a gust of wind
tips it over, add a couple of ceramic tiles inside for weight. Personally, I use a couple of hex head wood screws to hold my box down. During heavy snow downpours I just remove the box. To keep the door closed I riveted one of those cabinet magnets inside.

rat Killer

Repeater Rat Killer ( Enclosure not shown)
This is my version of a repeater rat killer. The complete unit is assembled in a box. Basically, the way it works is that there is a motion sensor, a belt sander, and in this case I used 2 used grinding wheels. The motion sensor located in a tin-can only see the rat when it crosses directly in front. The sensor turns on the belt sander instead of some lights. The rat is driven into the small opening between the sander and the wheels overhead. After a few seconds that the belt runs similar to a motion light sensor staying lit for a set amount of seconds. The unit is reset for the next rat after a brief timed run. Placed in a sewer walkway, the rats could be ejected into the running water/sewer. Cool - also try it using a food grinder or a motorized meat grinder. Suspend the bait just above the food grinder & make sure it has some sort of sidewall like a coffee can so the rat can only jump up when the grinder starts up.

exhaust Pipe replacement

Replacing Exhaust Pipes
What I show here is how you can save a lot of money with some common sense purchasing.
This saving involves replacing an exhaust pipe. The original manufacturer tail pipe can run in the hundreds, as high as $900.
The alternative is to buy a $3.00 fence post from any home remodeling center and such. The pipe does not have to be exactly
bent over the rear axle. Not only is the fence post thicker metal, it will last the life of the car.

oil Heater Safety switch

Oil Furnace Safety Switches
This is a typical Oil Heater showing the local c/o switch and the emergency safety switch.
What I propose is a better system, one that installs a 110vac thermostat just after the emergency c/o
or a snap c/o switch can be mounted on the heater housing. Better yet, would be to install both of them. I came up with this fix after the supposedly solid state relay failed and remained running causing my home to almost burn down when I was at work. The 110vac c/o affords an extra margin of safety should the contacts on the controller fuse together. By the way, the controller is not at all a true solid state system because I found a typical analog relay inside when I took it apart.

tree root curb solution

Tree root curb solution and Concrete Sidewalks
Isn't it a bitch with the tree next to your sidewalk, over time it starts to lift up your nice walkway?
Well, with this design the roots stand little chance at getting under the sidewalk. The deeper the side wall
the better. It's just common sense folks. Oh, and by the way -you idiots that mulch heavily around the base
of the tree just remember, that you're killing the tree because roots have to breath too. Use very little mulch.

house Addition underground

Adding an addition when there is no more space
What I show here is how you can save a lot of money with some common sense mole digging. This is a typical 2 story house, and what you do is to dig out three channels in the driveway next to your house to the depth of your basement as shown. Fill the channels with concrete. Once that sets, cover the three channels with I-beams and concrete over the beams. Basically, what you have is a strong driveway foundation. But here's the neat part. From your basement, open an access doorway to the driveway and remove all the dirt between the box enclosure you just constructed. Whalla -you have an Addition. Your neighbors will never know, because your concrete looks like another driveway.

Zareba Gate Opener
Zabea gate repair
Above left is a broken Zareba Automatic Gate Opener bracket and on the right is my solution. Basically, you remove the side housing screws and get a length of angle iron from your local hardware store. Replace the screws with 1/2" longer stuff. Yeah, Zareba replaced my opener, but it busted 3 more times. Each time it happened, it was during bad rainy weather - great. Since I fixed it my way - no more broken brackets. The bracket Zareba supplies is junk metal. Also the solar panel is useless. I had to run a 110AC line to the control box. Had I known the battery systems were going to be such headaches, I would have gone ahead and ordered the 110AC setup. I had one bad step-down transformer - so check it to make sure that it works too. It would be nice if the company supplied a better troubleshooting guide with the manual and a schematic of the circuit board. I wouldn't have had to call them about a dozen times before I got all the bugs fixed. Lessons learned. Within 3 -4 year the system crapped out because of junk plastic gears inside. I do not recommend that you buy one of these gate openers.



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